The View From The Back of the Couch

Phoebe Is Missing

July 11, 2017 | Filed under: Phoebe |

My 4-year old torbie, Phoebe,is missing since Tuesday morning. I don’t believe there is any way she could have gotten out of the house. I fear she’ caught up on something. My other cat, Duncan, is crying too. Any ideas what to do? I’ve opened every door, drawer and closet and shaken the treat and kibble bags repeatedly. This would always send her running. She has an ID tag and is microchipped.

Jubilate Agno

March 14, 2017 | Filed under: Poetry |

“Jubilate Agno” (Rejoice in the Lamb) is a poem by an 18th century poet (whom some called a madman), Christopher Smart. It is over 1200 lines long! He adapted the exalted form of the responsive readings in the Anglican Church liturgy to write, in part, about an ordinary subject, his cat, Geoffrey. I have excerpted some of this fantastic poem. I have yet to find it in its entirety, on the Web or elsewhere:


Vote for Duncan!

October 9, 2016 | Filed under: Duncan |

Please vote for Duncan in the Houston SPCA 2017 Calendar contest. $5 per vote; it’s for a worthy cause, and how can you even think of resisting this face?


September 11, 2016 | Filed under: Phoebe,Video |

Phoebe is getting a real aerobic workout with her feather wand this Sunday afternoon.