The View From The Back of the Couch


Published on February 15, 2010 | Tags: , ,

We had to put our sweet old orange tabby, Sunny, to sleep on January 14. It broke my heart to do so (and don’t think Robert wasn’t equally crushed. We both cried not only in the vet’s office, but in the car on the way home, and for days afterward). And it’s been a month. And … I still miss […]

Pet Loss Poem

Published on January 14, 2010 | Tags: ,

This poem, author unknown, was posted in a cat newsgroup about four years ago. It is a beautiful poem for anyone coping with the loss of a dear pet. If It Should Be… If it should be that I grow weak, And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then you must do what must be done, For this last […]

Goodbye, Sweet Baby

Published on November 28, 2004 | Tags: , ,

Simon is in a better place now. My 16-year old Maine Coon crossed over the Rainbow Bridge sometime early this morning. I had put him in the bed with me last night and had been checking on him through the night. His last little meal was late yesterday afternoon, a bit of chopped turkey and gravy. I had taken his […]