My Beautiful Daisy Belle

There is a flower within my heart, // Daisy, Daisy, // Planted one day by a glancing dart, // Planted by Daisy Bell…

~~ “Daisy Bell,” Harry Dacre (1892)

Daisy wasn’t with me long at all but she was very significant even for a short time. After Sunny died in January 2010, it took Robert and me over a year to get over his death. We simply weren’t ready for another cat. We thought we might want a dog, so we fostered Brian, a young English Bull Terrier, but that was a misfire of gargantuan proportions and after three days, Brian was rehomed. We decided we were not dog people at all. So I ended up adopting Daisy in May 2011 from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Shortly afterward, she developed Fatty Liver Disease and I tearfully made the decision, after 50 days loving that sweet girl, to have her put to sleep. Daisy, you taught me that I could love another creature after Sunny and for that I will be forever grateful.

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