A New Solution

The latest in my continuing saga to understand why and hopefully cure Phoebe’s insistence on peeing at the foot of my stairs. I had tried every kind of litter box and system imaginable, finally spending nearly $500 on a litter robot which Duncan absolutely loves and Phoebe will not go near. I then had the floors at the foot of the stairs sanded down and restain and sealed hoping to make cleanup easier.That deterred her only a few weeks while my overseas guest was here. But then about a week after he left, she started back up again. I read an article recently that said that once a cat start to urinating in a certain spot, if you don’t stop at nearly immediately, they will continue to return to that spot especially as long as there is any trace of the odor of their urine.

She started doing this back around August 2017 while I was in the hospital for two weeks. For the four years prior to that, she was a model of behavior. What triggered this misbehavior is anybody’s guess. She’s been taken to the vet and all physical issues have been ruled out.So this has become the latest solution, and so far while she continues to pee here, at least clean up is much easier, and there is no odor.

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