Sad Goodbye

I have kept this quiet until now. But because of my worsening health issues, I have had to make the difficult decision to rehome my 6-year old Tortie, Phoebe. I have had her since she was 14 weeks old But in 2017, after I came home from the hospital, she started peeing and pooping in the corner of the living room near the stairs. I have tried every kind of litter and litter box, taken her to the vet to rule out a health issue, invested in not one but two Litter Robots, replaced my flooring several times, all to no avail. But with these increasing foot infections, I cannot continue to subject myself to being exposed to the cat urine and feces. I reached out to the person from whom i got Phoebe, who has been kept apprised of everything and she has agreed to take Phoebe back. (The only reason she gave Phoebe up was because at the time, the little kitten did not get along with the other resident cats.) I hope that now, perhaps some of those cats have passed on, and Phoebe is a 16-pound Goliath and she won’t let another cat push her around. It is the best outcome I can hope for and while my heart is breaking, it is for the best. Perhaps a change of scenery will snap her out of it. I am so thankful she’s being taken back and given another chance.

Please, no judgmental comments. But all of you who know me know how much I love her and how hard I tried to work around this issue, but I cannot continue to do this and be healthy.

So some time next week, i will be saying goodbye to her. {{cries}}

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  1. Update on Phoebe. She is settling into her new surroundings and making friends with the other four resident cats. Rose reports that she plays with her feather wand, *uses her littler box*, and when Rose and her husband sit in their den to watch TV, Phoebe likes to cuddle in her lap and be petted. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.


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