Sad Goodbye

I have kept this quiet until now. But because of my worsening health issues, I have had to make the difficult decision to rehome my 6-year old Tortie, Phoebe. I have had her since she was 14 weeks old But in 2017, after I came home from the hospital, she started peeing and pooping in …

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A New Solution

The latest in my continuing saga to understand why and hopefully cure Phoebe’s insistence on peeing at the foot of my stairs. I had tried every kind of litter box and system imaginable, finally spending nearly $500 on a litter robot which Duncan absolutely loves and Phoebe will not go near. I then had the …

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Duncan knocked a 500GB external drive to the floor with his tail. It was my fault, it wasn’t in the best spot and that was bound to happen. FORGIVEN Duncan knocked over a reed infuser all over my nice antique side table. But I knew how active he was when he was a kitten so …

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Happy Caturday

Cats will be cats; and cats will be cool; cats can be callous and cats can be cruel; csts will be cats; remember these words; cats will be cats and cats eat birds.